Create a New Website in Wizard - Dreamweaver CS4

Create a New Website in Wizard - Dreamweaver CS4
Dreamweaver is a tool for building professional websites. In the beginning, the first step of it is creating new website. To create a new web site follow Site > New Site menu. They you will see a dialog box appears. (See the figure below)

In this dialog box you can see two tabs. One is Basic and the other one is Advanced. In the basic tab you can create a new website using a wizard. This is simple and with few steps you can build a new website.

First let's see how the wizard of Basic tab works. In the first window there is a text box to enter a name to the newly creating website. If there is a domain for the new site enter the domain url in the HTTP address text box and click Next to continue. In the second window you will be asked about the server technology you use. 

This is the technology of PHP, JSP, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, etc. If you use server technology click on "Yes, I want to use a server technology." if not let the first option selected. Click Next to continue. In the next window select the location where your files are stored. Next window will ask the remote server connection. 

Select the appropriate hosting type and fill the relevant details. Select None if you do not use remote hosting. Next is the last window and you will see summery of your details here. Click Done to finish the wizard and start your work.
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