Connecting front panel cables

Connecting front panel cables
In a standard PC you may found some wiring in front panel. Those wiring goes for Power Switch, Reset Switch and LEDs. Power switch is use to power on the system unit.

There is an extra option for power switch. When the PC is on while pressing the power switch of the system unit your main board will do the operating system selected action. 

This may be a power off, sleep, standby mode, hybernate mode, etc. Reset switch is used to reset the power of the main board. This button ignores the ordinary reset of operating system and sudden power off will occur in the main board. After this it will automatically turn on itself. LEDs indicate the system status. Normally there are two LEDs. One is to indicate the system power. Other one is to indicate the hard disk drive work status.

Ordinary main boards in PCs have a slot for install these front panel cables. In this slot there are 9 pins to install cables. Two of them for power switch, two for reset switch, two for power LED, two for hard disk LED and the remaining one is not used. For the switches there are no any negative, positive cabling but for LEDs this must concern. (See the figure for cabling order.)

On front side of the system unit there are other two types of ports. Those are USB and Audio ports. The wiring of these ports also go to main board. There are two separate USB slots and one audio slot in the main board. One USB slot generates wires to two USB ports. Some casins have four USB ports in front side. 

In this type of case you have to use both of the USB slots in the main board. Audio panel of the front side have two ports. One is headphone out and the other is microphone input. While using the headphone port it will normally cut the rear side audio out.

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