Current situation of Zika

At this time the most spreading country of Zika is Colombia. Over 700,000 people has infected right now. 

What are the symptoms?
Zika is not previously very much concerned by doctors. This viral infection has very less symptoms. Even a fever is expressed only for one of five infections. Red eyes, pain on joints and fever is common.  Therefore anyone in the world does not concern this hardly before.

Present situation

But the situation went wrong and everyone concerns on this well after the incident in Brazil. There born children had a small head, development of brain was very low and dead before or after born. In Brazil there were 3800 babies have that symptoms which is called microcephaly. There are some reasons to subject to microcephaly disease. Rubella infection, drugs and alcohol, lack of nutrition causes for this disease. 

In Brazil, by checking blood samples of this type of infants, learnt that the Zika virus is positive. But it is in very low amounts. But in other countries that zika spreaded, it is not such a situation happened. Therefore there is no exact evidences to prove that zika is responsible. But this may be some time taken to find it scientifically. Most of the countries have gotten precautions.

Now America and some other countries have warned to their citizens not to travel countries which zika has spreaded. Geographically, America has high threat. El Salvador warned their women not to be pregnant within next two years. America has warned to people who travelled zika spreaded countries to check their blood. But still there is no solution for pregnant women who already infected.

First this zika virus found in Uganda in 1947. It is from rhesus monkey and firstly found human invasion in 1952. Main carrier is Eedes aegypti mosquito. It also carries dengue. In addition to those chikungunya, yellow fever also carried by this mosquito. 

Normally there are four types of dengue. Someone who affected by one type, affected by another type is more dangerous. As same as someone who affected by dengue, affected by zika can be more dangerous.
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