Drink water to empty stomach in the morning for healthy life (Japanese water treatment)

Drink water to empty stomach in the morning for healthy life (Japanese water treatment)
Japan is a country which live more healthy people. There are a few percentage of heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, paralysis among the Japanese people. To do this in Japan there are lot of reasons affecting. Among those reasons Japanese people have a habit of drinking water in the morning. This comes from centuries of years above. They drink water empty stomach in the morning. 

This method not uses any medicine. But there is a procedure you have to follow correctly. This water treatment heals headache, body pains, heart failures, joint diseases, higher heart beat, cholesterol, bronchial inflammation, wheeze, tuberculosis, meningitis, kidney diseases, urine diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, diabetes, constipation, thoracic-ear-nose diseases, eye diseases, menstrual diseases, cancers.

How to drink water?
Drink 4 glasses of water while get up in the morning with empty stomach. Total must be 640ml. (160ml x 4 glasses) Do not eat or drink any other food for 45 minutes. 
When you get a main meal do not eat anything for 2 hours. That's all.

Special instructions
If you cannot drink this much of water start it from lower volume. Increase it slowly up to the above level and start treatment. If you are a kidney patient or on a special treatment ask from your doctor before start this treatment. 

You may heal high blood pressure within 30 days. Gastritis within 10 days, diabetes within 30 days, constipation within 10 days, tuberculosis within 90 days and cancer within 180 days.

There is a special instruction for arthritis patients. When starting this treatment drink only three days on first week and from next week continue the treatment normally. Remember do not drink more water. It will not make you good results. 

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