Potting, Pruning and Wiring to Correctly Plant a Bonsai Tree? - II

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Remove the plant carefully with remaining some soil among roots. Slightly trim elongated roots. Close the drain holes of pot using piece of shade net. Put 1/4 sieve remaining to the bottom. Put the plant on it. Fill with other soils as layers. Last layer is 1/32 remains. Press the soil and stable the plant. If the plant is loose, bind it to pot using wire or cable. Lay moss on soil top. They watering the plant well or sink it carefully in a water bath to wring wet the soil. Give the plant a shade for about three weeks and then train it to sunlight.

Pruning and Binding branches using wire
Pruning is used in two stages of bonsai. First one is in initial stages of bonsai. Reasons for this pruning are,
- to get a short and well spread root system
- to set stem and branches in order to a style
- to grow branches on the lower side of a straight stem
- to grow more side driven branches

Second stage of pruning is after complete the bonsai. There are several pruning.
- when repotting plant
- to keep the style unchanged.
- pruning after flowering and fruiting

There is a time to prune a tree. Some trees prune in the stage of pullulate. Some trees have to prune in their inactive stage to form budding. Some trees can be pruned in any stage of their life. You can use a pruning scissors, small saw or knife to prune. First select the style after well seeing the free grown tree. After deciding the style remove excess branches carefully. Keep in mind to do a less damage to the plant. Plant needs roots, leaves to generate food and absorb water.

To train a tree to a style we use wiring. This is a technique for styling a tree. Copper and Aluminum wires are suitable for this binding. To styling a branch use about 1/3 size wires of the diameter of branch. Use wires separately to stem and branches. Wire has to come from soil to stem and stem to branch. After binding wires, bend it carefully to stylish. Use wiring in the stage of budding to prevent breaking.
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