Secrets of Aloe vera
Aloe Vera has many qualities. It is used as medicine, food, beauty therapy, etc. Aloe Vera categorized under Xanthorrhoeaceae family. Stem of the plant is very short. Big, fleshy leaves are green and has white spots spreaded all over the leaf.

Leaves has spiny edges and spines are not sharp. Flowers of Aloe Vera are orange in color and blooming in dry season. Commonly spreaded in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, China and North Africa but in the presence it can be seen in Europe also. Aloe Vera can grow in any kind of environment but specially in dry zones. Dissemination by offshoots. Grows well under shades and can be grown well with good water supply.

Medicinal Qualities of Aloe Vera
Help to the metabolism to function in correct order.
Good for eye diseases such as burning and mucus.
Increase the activity of liver and help to protect the liver.
Good for various kinds of diseases.
Help to protect from ageing because of Aloe very has anti oxidizing features.
Prevent sagging of skin.
Prevent the skin moisture.
Control the burning of urinary.
Specially normalizing gastritis.
Good for vegetarians.
Heal constipation.
Increase hungry and fast metabolism.
Control the womb heat and help to increase fertility.
Reduce pain in menstruation.
Heal lung diseases.
Act as anti-dandruff and help to grow hair.
Good for leucamia and arthoritis patients.
Act as a sun-screen for skin.
Control obeses.
Avoid slending and normalize the body size.
Heal diseases on womb.

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