Why you should use aquarium plants?

The first thing we hope cultivate aquarium plants in our small home aquarium is the beauty. Aquarium plants make the environment very attractive and natural.

It also helps to create the natural environment which fish need. Therefore it is very important to ordinary life of fish. Otherwise they get ill easily. The biggest benefit of aquarium plant cultivation is for fish. Fish can get food they needed for one day using these plants in their water. Some fish eat their little ones. Therefore aquarium plants helpful to little ones to hide from enemies. 

In a fish tank, aquarium plants absorbs carbon dioxide which dissolved in it's water and emit oxygen to water. In addition plants have an ability of remove nitrogen waste of fish. Therefore aquarium plants also helpful to reduce the dissolving of nitrogen and ammonia in water. (When nitrogen or ammonia concentration is in high, fish avoid eating food.)

There are two kinds of aquarium plants. We can divide those to two simple categories such as plants which floating on water and plants grow sinking in water. Here are some examples for commonly using aquarium plants.

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