Best advises for a long, healthy and active life

Best advises for a long, healthy and active life
Everyone likes to live long life. Every living creature has the desire of life. Human also are still discovering the secret of living long life. Health services and medical sector helps for this in larger amounts year after year. If you need to live long life, it is very important to follow these advices. 

If you have a fat body you may at a risk of diabetes, heart attacks and cancers. Therefore try to reduce extra fat. Reduce sugar and salt consumption as much as you can. Eat more fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh leaves and grains.

Stop eating of red meat and prepared meat. Quick from smoking. Smoking causes obesity, heart attacks, sexual inability, respiration difficulties and nerve weakness. Other people around you also subject to passive smoking because of your smoking. 

Walk every day for good healthy life. People who are not doing exercises daily, will definitely subject to diseases. Walk rapidly about an hour per day. If you can walk for an hour per day, you do not need to bother about extra exercises. 

Loneliness makes our mind ill. Therefore make relationships with relations and friends. Good relationships will develop you immune system. Make arrangements to reduce stress. Connect with a good hobby like travelling, music, horticulture, etc. Practice meditation, connect with good friends and people, decorating your home will also help to reduce the stress. 

Helping people also a good thing to your healthy life. This must be only for heal your mind not for the popularity. The pleasure comes from helping others will live you a long life. Make a smile on your face every time. Loud laugh is a good thing for refresh. 

Quit from single life. Make a good family with a good wife. Make children. If you felt with a disease your spouse will help you to recover.
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