Bitter Melon and Use for Diabetes

Bitter Melon and Use for Diabetes
People of most of the Asian countries use bitter melon for quit diabetes. Chinese are the most. As in China, India, Malaysia, Philippine, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka use this fruit in larger amounts. 

Not only in Asia but also in other tropical lands in Africa, Australia, South America and Caribbean cultivate bitter melon. 

For diabetes, present days people use this bitter melon as the most trusted food. Except the bitter taste of this fruit, it can consume as cooked or fresh. The bitter taste pretty much reduced by cooking. Most of the experts say that this fruit acts as same as the Metformin. It reduces blood glucose concentration. Scientists have found that bitter melon reduce the insulin resistance. Therefore it helps insulin to do the job without any disturbance.

Not only the fruit, Asian people use the leaves and the stem of vine for better treatments. They boil leaves and stem and drink as a tea. Fruit of the bitter melon eat as a curry and salad. Some Eastern people reduce the bitter taste of the bitter melon by using some cooking techniques. They use papaya or mango with salt to reduce the bitter taste. Drinking as a tea is a better choice. Most of the people say drinking as a tea is a good choice. It tastes sometimes more better than green tea. 

There is a risk of going under blood sugar, hypoglycemia. Therefore it is better to limit consumption of bitter melon when such a situation occurs. Drinking the juice of bitter melon may cause diarrhea or a pain in stomach. If you are using bitter melon tea, take one cup for breakfast and one cup with the dinner. If you get high carbohydrates for a meal drink extra cup of bitter melon tea after it.
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