Decorate your garden with Guzmania plants

Decorate your garden with Guzmania plants
South America is a beautiful land with full of wonder. Guzmania belongs to large forests of South America. This plant is mostly used in gardens and indoor decoration because of its beautiful flowers and leaves. These plants can grow in pots or binding to a stem of big tree. Guzmania is categorized under the family of Bromeliaceae. This family contains over 120 species.

Most of the researches about Guzmania continue in Netherland. When plant in a pot, most of the time decayed leaves and plant parts are used as the media. Lay 1 inch diameter brown brick pieces to the bottom of the pot. Then put the decayed material on top of that layer. Medium should be loose for penetration of the root system. 

It is better to use liquid fertilizers. Spray fertilizer to wet all the roots and leaves. Interval of fertilizing is two to three weeks. Flower of the Guzmania plant is remain for at least three months. New germs arise from the stem when the flower start to fade out. You can keep those new plants to make a bush or remove those from the mother plant and re-plant to get new plants. But new germs must grow one third of the height of the mother plant before separate. 

There is a low possibility of invading diseases to Guzmania plants. Flowers may damage by snails like plant eating creatures. Use an insecticide if the damage is high.
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