Grow Adenium with Full of Flowers in Your Garden

Grow Adenium with Full of Flowers in Your Garden
Adenium is very small structure of a Plumeria tree. It is like a bonsai tree. Plants become fill with flowers when they start to bloom.  Adenium grows well in dry atmosphere. Plant needs more sunlight. 

Leaf is rough and about 4 inches long. Tip of the leaf is round in shape. Most of the species have green leaves but some has bi-color leaves. Flowers are pretty big and attractive. There are several varieties with several colors. Flowers are red, pink, light pink, white, light violet and bi-colored.

There are five petals in a flower. Normally plant has few leaves. Therefore when there is no flowers it seems like a dried tree. All the flowers and leaves come at the end of the branches. Lower part of the stem grows bigger. Pruning gives a good bushy plant. Propagation can be made using branches and seeds. Planting branches results a same colored second generation and the growth of the plant is rapid. 

After flowers they result seed-vessels. You can get the seeds after mature and plant to take the new generation. But the flower color can be changed. It is because of the natural pollination. 

New plants will rise from layering. Use a sandy media to plant a new branch or layered branch. Make the mixture with 1/2 compost to 1 sand. After two weeks fertilize with a suitable fertilizer to grow up. It is good to use a balanced fertilizer. Supply a high Potassium fertilizer to bloom. Fertilize plants in two weeks intervals. 

It is important to give the plant a high sunlight. Diseases are rare but may be subject to rotting the stem. To avoid stem rot give the plant a good water drain. Therefore make the pot and the filling media with an ability of good water drain. 

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