How to use birth control methods correctly at right time?

How to use birth control methods correctly at right time?
Every teenager and adult must have a fine knowledge about birth control and birth control methods. If a couple does not concern about birth controls they might have unnecessary pregnancies. In such a situation they sometimes direct to illegal abortions. Some times married couples also face to this incidence. Most of the couples have no correct knowledge about how the pregnancy happens, when good and when not good for sexual intercourse, shall any pregnancy happen and if so how to avoid.

You have to use birth control when you not expecting a pregnancy. There are lots of birth control systems in the world. Some people may have problems if they use a birth control system. That is they may not know the correct methods to use it. Some people use birth controls systems which unfit them.

Benefits of a good family planning
Family planning is the most important thing in a family life. Unplanned family life will draw your life to an unfortunate situation. This may harm your family life also. There are lots of benefits in good family planning. Avoiding unnecessary pregnancy is the main targeted benefit. It also help to keep an age distance between two children. This is more suitable for health of you and your child. Nutritional health increase of both mother and child. Using a birth control can stop under aged and over aged pregnancy. This is good for the health of mother and child. You can minimize the danger of cancers of reproductive system by using a birth control system. In addition to private benefits, it helps to reduce the number of infant deaths.

Let's choose a best suiting birth control system
Choosing a birth control system is depending on the request of birth controlling. Condom or swallowing tablets are good to late the first pregnancy. Loops, hormone systems and condoms can be used to keep a good age distance between children. Loops, hormone systems and surgeries can be used to limit the number of children. Do not trust on native and ordinary systems.

What are the temporary family planning systems?
Condom is a successful birth control system for a temporary family plan. This also not affected to the fertility. You can get a 97% success by using condoms in correct way. There is another benefit of condoms. Condoms also prevent transferring sexual diseases. You can use condoms only on need. Only side effect is allergic condition due to the rubber, latex or the lubrication. If there is any allergic condition occur, you can use different type of condom. Store condoms at cool dry place and not expose to sunlight. Check the expire dates before buy. Dispose correctly after use.

Hormone systems can be used to stop pregnancy. Most popular method of hormone systems is birth control pills. Birth control pills are easy to use. This minimize the cancer formation in breasts and reproductive system. You have to get birth control pills on the first day of menstruation. If unable to got it you have to get it within first five days after menstruation. You also can get the first pill after confirming no pregnancy. If you are doing an intercourse within first 7 days after starting to get pills, it is recommended to use a condom. If you do not like for a immediate pregnancy after getting married, you have to start pills before one or two months of marriage. If you are breastfeeding, you can start pills after 6 months to the baby. This is 99.99% trusted system.

Sometimes doctors prescribe birth controls pills to unmarried women in cases of high blood flow on menstruation, irregular menstrual cycle, high pain in menstruation and to late the menstruation. These pills reduce the inconvenience on menstruation and pimples formation. If you need a pregnancy then stop taking pills. You will be normal in fertility within 3 months after stop taking birth control pills.

Some women may have nausea, vomit, headache, giddiness, breast pain, a little blood flow in non menstrual days, etc.

Vaccination is the third birth control system. This is also a successful system. This can be used safely till the menopause. Inject on 3 months periods. This contains progesterone hormone. This act as same as the birth control pills act. It is recommended to start on the 7th day of menstruation start. Or you can start vaccination as the starting of getting birth control pills. You can change anytime from birth control pills to vaccines. It is recommended start after the packet of pills. If you used a loop before then you can start vaccination within first 5 days after menstruation.

Vaccine must be injected from 90 days periods. Do not massage the place where vaccine is given. This method is 99.97% successful. If you forget or unable to get the vaccine to the exact day, you are able to get it till 4 weeks pass from exact day. But keep in touch to inject vaccine every 90 days to a successful birth control.

When expecting a pregnancy you have to stop vaccination before 7-12 months. There may be some side effects. Irregulation of menstrual cycle, blood dropping, irregular blood flow, stopping menstruation, increase blood flow (rare), increase body weight, headache, giddiness, expanding breasts, small pain in breasts can be occur.

Vaccination is best suit for feeding mothers, mothers who expect to limit the children, mothers who expect to keep a good distance between two children and mothers who not suit for estrogen. This vaccination can be done to any woman less than 50 years who does not have any effect using vaccines.

The fourth method is hormone capsules which place below the skin. This has a long term activity and only contains progesterone. Capsules can be inserted within the first week after menstruation started. For a breast feeding mother it can insert after 4 weeks starting breast feeding. If there was an abortion within 3 months, insert this capsule within first week. If the abortion happens after 3 months placement can be done after 4 weeks. Placement can be done at any time if you use birth control pills before. If you used birth control injection you can place the capsule within 90 days of last injection. Place capsule within five days of your menstruation begins if you before used loop. These hormone capsules are 99.9% success. Better quick results can receive if placing within first five days of your menstruation begins. You will receive the fertility in normal just after remove the capsule.

This methods is suitable for over aged women and women who have diseases in heart valves. Side effects such as irregular menstrual cycle, headache, giddiness, increase food appetites, increase of body weight can occur.

Fifth method is the loop. This loop is insert into the womb. Loop can be inserted within first 12 days after menstruation begins. If you use a loop after a child birth or an abortion, insert it after 4 weeks. This method can be used a woman who first use a different birth control method. And this can stop pregnancy for 10 years. Fertility begins just after the loop removed. This not affect to hormones and better solution for breast feeding mothers. A common pain in lower stomach can occur in first 24-28 hours after inserted the loop. A little blood flow can occur within first 3-4 weeks. Some women have a high blood flow experience in menstruation.

Sixth one is permanent birth control system. If your family is completed and no further hope to make children you can use this method. Easiest way is doing this within first 48 hours of your last child birth. If not it can be done after a week or eight weeks. For a normal woman this can be done within 7 days of the menstruation begins. If you have taken a birth control injection, you can subject to this surgery of permanent birth control after 90 days of last inject.

A man must use other birth control system till 3 months pass after doing permanent surgery of birth control. It is compulsory to take a semen report after 3 months to make sure the surgery is successful.

Finally we have an advice to give you. Natural birth control systems are not trustful. You must use a birth control system if you not need pregnancy.
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