Let's understand What is Epigenetics

Let's understand What is Epigenetics
Science proves that if a couple expecting a conception they must behave good. Previously this was only an opinion. But it further not an opinion only. It becomes a truth.

Charles Davin's evolution theory, discovering of gene inheritance by Gregory Mendal and discovering of DNA is great scientific milestones which describes origin of life, evolution and persistance accordingly. There are new ideologies forming to describe the heritage inheritance beyond those theories. This complicates the normal DNA division theories. This overcomes the ATCG bases sequence and decides the characteristics. Therefore this field is known as Epigenetics. 

As a simple example, in every cell of human, genes are same but after division skin cells forms skin cells and liver cells forms liver cells, skin cells never forms liver cells and liver cells never forms skin cells. Previously thought that other DNA parts are removed from one type of cell. But in 1958 John Gadin inject a divided nucleus to a egg of a frog and successfully forms a tadpole. This negates that theory.

These epigenetic characteristics derives from cell to cell and it also goes to next generation. It means extra characteristics comes from beyond normal gene division. Studying of such is called Transgenarational Epigenetics. Example for this transgenarational epigenetics is the protein called Prion which forms the "mad cow" disease. This protein can transfer one generation to the other. An experiment done by using Yeast cells proved that.

Experiments done by using human and mice proved that these epigenetical characteristics transfer from generation to generation. In 1980 an investigator of UK David Becker found that children who not have enough nourishment in their embryo status, grow fat when they receive food in later in their lives. They also has high risk of subjecting to diabetes and heart attacks. This status is called Thrifty Phenotype. In between 1944 to 1945 Nazis stopped transporting food to West Netherland. This called the "Hunger Winter". Children of pregnant women who pregnant on this time has this thrifty phenotype symptoms.

Scientists have proved that, this epigenetical characteristics transfer from father also. But they do not know exactly how it happens. They assume that these proteins and RNA transfer through gametes.

In the future science will prove how this exactly happen. Do not be late till they prove. Let's make good children according to good behaviors.
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