Middle Aged Men Have More Danger of Heart Attacks

Middle Aged Men Have More Danger of Heart Attacks
It is very important to keep your physical and mental health to keep the activity of heart well. This is thoroughly recommended for the men over 40 years. This is the most dangerous age group of heart attacks. To identify a failure on heart we use the sound of heart. But except the sound of heart we can identify such failures from other symptoms.

We take an example of Angina Pectoris. This disease comes to the people over 40. Men has more tendency. Faint, pain of chest (feeling of pressing chest), inability of respiration are the symptoms.

Some times patient can feel a doubt of continue life. There are some professional dependency. People work with using brain such as working with computers have more danger. 

To avoid heart attacks you have to consider about following.
Control of foods and reduce salt consumption.
Reduce usage of oils specially with saturated lipids.
In taking of protein using egg white, chicken without oil (skin removed), fish.
Consume more green gram, gram, dhal, wing beans, soya beans, long beans like leguminous foods.
Use gingerly oil for your oil needs. You can also use corn oil and sunflower oil.
Consume less carbohydrate and sugar and not let the diabetes to come.
Stop smoking and alcohol.
Every one have to exercises as much as they can. It is good thing to practice yoga.
It is recommended to live with a good healthy mind. If you can practice meditation, it is helpful to reduce the risk of being a heart patient.
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