What is the best position to sleep?

What is the best position to sleep?
We sleep in various ways. But everyone has a unique style to sleep for more duration. There is an importance of the position of sleeping. There is also a connection with the sleep to gastritis, snore and also for the skin ageing. We describe several sleeping positions here to your knowledge.

Back sleeping
This is the best way to sleep. There is no tension to the neck or backbone. The mattresses are also designed to best suit for this position. It is best to sleep without a pillow to get the best results from this position. It is good to your health to familiar with this position. There is a special chance. This also reduce your skin ageing.

There can be rare occurrence of sleep apnea. In this situation your respiration stops in sleep. Back sleep position has some danger to sleep apnea. But this is very rare. There is another draw back of this position. It is less sleeping. Researches have proven that less sleeping can occur in this position.

Side sleeping
Most of the people use this position to sleep. Most of the people change their side left to right and right to left in the sleep frequently. It is advisable pregnant women to sleep left side. Left side is the best side to keep your blood circulation in order. Getting benumbed of hands is the most common occurrence in this position. Changing position will heal this. This position some time cause difficulties to lungs and stomach.

Stomach sleeping
This is a common style too. Snoring is reduced in this position. And less danger of sleep apnea. But most of the specialists say this is the worst way to sleep. This position beats the natural curves of our body. Therefore you may occur some back pains, neck pains. But for the infants this is different. They like to sleep this position very much.

There are some good and bad of sleeping positions. We just discussed only. Do not try to change your ordinary sleep position. Make your easy way is your common way.
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