Why children weak on mathematics and Dyscalculia?

Why children weak on mathematics and Dyscalculia?
Some parents blame their children, they do not know even to calculate two numbers together. If your child weak on studying you must read this article. We are describing here why children have such difficulties in studying.

If your child weak on mathematics he or she sometimes have the dyscalculia. These children do not have the ability of logical thinking. They weak not only for calculating but also for geometry. These children cannot do thinking backwards, matching before and after numbers.

Be in concern that you child writes the numbers 3, 5, 7 to other side even explained well. It is a main symptom to identify dyscalculia. Child has no ability of understanding addition or subtraction. How much if you teach, the child does not understand it. In such a situation, you have to teach such a child with using equipments. They do not have a possibility to understand several operations at one time. Therefore you have to teach you one operation at once and step by step. Other symptom is they could not understand the left and right. But these children can do some other works well (I.e. they may be clever at drawing, music, etc).

You have to prepare an environment to work them alone. Do not advise them for all. Let he/she to think independently. Do not give them all the things. Teach them step by step. Do not teach them even two operations at once. Teach them only one operation at once. Start from the very little thing and go forward. Courage them well. Do not let them to hear "You can't". It causes to draw them back. If the child think "he cannot", you have to dissolve it.

Direct your child to specially trained person for such cases. He/she can understand the child better than ordinary teacher.
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