You may be a victim of Rubella virus

You may be a victim of Rubella virus
Every little girl one day become a woman and ready to give a birth to another little one. Every woman willing to be a mother one day. From this post we informed you about the German Measles. This disease is bring to you by a virus called Rubella. Every woman must thoroughly concern about this disease because subject to this while in pregnant is harmful to both you and your embryo.

When someone ail from rubella it normally heals as per other viral diseases. But situation is different if she is pregnant. Unborn child will also subject to this danger. In this disease there are few symptoms we can identify. Small blisters will occur all over the body. A little pain in throat and swelling of lymph nodes can occur.

Complications while pregnant
If the patient is pregnant, her embryo can also be damaged. Some times it extend to miscarriage. The biggest danger is child also born with the disease. Therefore heart and brain of the child can be damaged. There can be difficulties of sight and hearing can occur of baby. This situation is called Congenital Rubella Syndrome.

If a pregnant women subject to this disease within the first three months there is an 80% probability of damage the embryo. But if 4 months pregnant it is only 16%.

To a woman in her child age give immunization vaccine for this disease. For small child it gives as two vaccines. But if someone missing it in child age can get in adult age by single vaccine. This is called MMR. Do not enter for pregnancy until pass three months after getting MMR. MMR will not give to a pregnant woman.
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