Amazing facts about Labrador Retriever

Amazing facts about Labrador Retriever
Labrador is the most friendly dog with children. In the past this dog is used by fishermen to drag the nets back to land which have thrown to the water. And Labrador is also used as a hunting partner. As a hunting partner their job was to bring the shot animal to the hunter. That's why they called Retriever. They have an inborn ability of bring a thrown object back to the master. They have a good trail. Therefore people use them to find land mines and narcotic as a police dog. Labrador has a good patience and therefore they are used to guide blind people, keep watching at children, etc. Labrador is most popular dog in Australia, Canada, UK, USA and New Zealand. 

Dark black, white and chocolate brown colors can be seen. Among those colors chocolate brown is rare. They can bear cold because of their condensed un-spreaded hair. Therefore they can swim in cold water also. Males have a height of about 22-25 inches and female is about 21-24 inches. Weight of male is about 28-36kg and female 25-32kg. These figures can be changed due to the health and nutrition. 

Labrador likes to play very much. They are very active but obedient. Labrador is more suitable for children because they can bear the hurting of children. They have the intelligence to take care of children and help them when need. Most of the countries use Labrador for child care. Labrador is not suitable for security guards because they quickly be friendly with visitors. Keep in mind not to give more food to a Labrador because they are gluttonous. They could not be able to understand the limit of foods or eating themselves. Let them to exercise for their health. Labrador has to train to wear collar from their puppy age. They like to bite something usually. Therefore do not let them to take your shoes. Bring them something to bite in their little age. There are toys in pet shops. You can train them to your rules well. If so they will not go naughty. 

Labrador is a more healthy dog. They can bear any kind of weather condition. If a hot weather let them to play with water. They like to play with water inborn and they are good swimmers. Do not let them to fat. If so they might suffer with back bone problems and hip bone problems. Control their weight with proper exercising.
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