Amazing facts about Neon Tetra

Amazing facts about Neon Tetra
We can identify neon tetra as a popular pet fish among who like to keep small fish. It is beautiful to put a bunch of fishes in a tank. There are two luminous bands in the side of the body. Home lands of Neon Tetra are rivers of Colombia, Peru and Brazil of South American continental. Dr George S. Myers introduced this fish to the world in 1936. Scientifically named as Paracheirodon innesi. All tetras are categorized under the family of Characidae. Neon tetra are popular among fish lovers because they are tiny and can grow in a little space.

Fully grown neon tetra is about 1.5 inches (4 cm) long and live for atleast 5-6 years. Those fish has shiny ash colored abdomen. Two glowing blue lines spread from head to tail. And two red lines starting from the middle of the body and spread to the tail. There is another species called Cardinal Tetra and they are different from their red line. Their red line starts from tail, covers the abdomen and spread to the head. And those tetras are grown for about 2 inches long.

There is no any outstanding difference between male and female of Neon Tetra. Color and the body size are almost same. When inspecting well we can see that male are little bit thin and has a straight blue line. Abdomen of female fish is a little bit of fatty and blue line bends a little near the abdomen.

Neon tetra likes to live as groups. It is more suitable to keep a group of more than 6 fish together. They are innocent and can live with most of the tetra and small barbs. Do not keep with aggressive fish. It might harmful to the tetra. Breeding of neon tetra is little bit of difficult because of they are very tiny. When get close to breed abdomen of female is grown fat. Normally they breed as small groups. Therefore put about six fishes with the ration of one male to two females to the breeding tank. Do not give high lighting to the breeding tank. Keeping water level for about 6 inches is enough. It is suitable to put gravels and aquatic plants in this time. Use a low power filter to make a little bit of water flow. Neon tetra spread eggs around the tank by swimming around. After laying eggs they trend to eat eggs. Therefore after laying eggs all of the adults must remove out of the tank. After about 24 hours the eggs begin to hatch and juveniles come out. They start to swim within 3-4 days. Micro foods such as infusoria has to be given for these juveniles. The most difficult part of the neon tetra breeding is this.

Neon tetra is omnivorous. Therefore they can take any type of prepared fish food. You have to give them small pieces of food because Neon tetra is tiny. In addition to these ordinary foods you can give the tubifex which create using dried worms and they also like to eat live foods such as mosquito larvae. Limit one meal for 3 minutes and give such a short meal for 2-3 times per day.

1.5 feet to 2 feet tank is enough for 6 group of Neon tetra. Filter water well using a good filter. Place enough aquarium plants inside the tank. They like very much for such a natural environment with lots of hiding places. Establish a good well placed light system for enhance the beauty of Neon Tetra. Commonly Neon Tetra may not subject to diseases. They might rarely suffer by the Neon Tetra Disease. In this case there is a pale color formation on top of the body from near the dorsal fin. If there is a occurrence separate fish as soon as possible and treat that fish with Methylene Blue.
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