An interesting story of Lamborghini and it's history

An interesting story of Lamborghini and it's history
Lamborghini is a leading sports car of the world. Manufacturing of Lamborghini is still in her motherland, Italy. Automobili Lamborghini is the company which makes original handmade Lamborghini.

Anyway there is a nice story behind the Lamborghini car. Ferruccio Lamborghini is the founder and first he makes a tractor not a car. Ferruccio Lamborghini was born in a grape farm. But his ambition was not to be a grape farmer. He love to the industrial field. When he was in his younger age, he did repairing works of vehicles and related equipments.

In the first half of 40th decade he started a small garage in Eastern Italy. He repaired vehicles and motor cycles. On that time he started to collect old parts of abandoned vehicles in second world war, for very cheap cost. Using these collected parts he started to make Lamborghini tractors in 1948. Then he started to make his own tractor engine. In 1960 his tractor business was in a good condition and he sold 400 tractors per month. In 1960 he expanded his business to make air conditioning units and heaters. This was also became successful.

One day he was driving his Ferrari car and he found some fault in it's brake system. He went to meet the owner of the business Ferrari "Ensor Ferrari". But he did not believe that there was an error on brake system. And he further blame to Lamborghini to make his own business. With this blaming Lamborghini angered with him and did not uncover the anger at that time. He thought to make a super car. Because after the second world war, rich people around the world had changed their life style. Therefore high speed, super luxury cars were marketed. Therefore Lamborghini starts to form a new small industrial mill to make small cars using V12 engine.

He needed to make a super car to compete with Ferrari. First of all he buy cleverest workers of Ferrari company to him to a high salary. He found a clever engineer called Giampaolo Dallara who worked with Ferrari V12 engine. The newest engine they built is the prototype of all Lamborghini engines. The model was developed by Scaglione Touring. Lamborghini got the all technical and marketing secrets of Ferrari.

At a time later Lamborghini said that he copied the Ferrari car. He made 350GT motor car in 1966 which can drive up to 150kmps. It sold 130 vehicles and it was a good milestone. Then they introduced 400GT 2+2 motor car and it popular worldwide.

He used a fast towards running bison. He also wrote Lamborghini as he signs. World class logo analysts appreciate this logo and they say this is the most suitable logo for Lamborghini cars.
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