Do not punish on mental problems of children

Do not punish on mental problems of children
There are lot of mental problems which have to be identified among children. There are a very few occurrence of adult mental problems among children. Disincline of going to school, quarrel with brothers and sisters, weakness of talking, sleep walking, fearing on sleep, unusual behaviors, weakness on studies, disappointment, weak minded and hyper activeness are the common mental problems among children. 

Disincline or fear to school is a common problem among most of the children. There are various reasons for this. Disliking of separate from mother, various inconveniences face during the school time and weakness of studies are the most available reasons. Parents have to give a reasonable solution the correctly identified reason. Some children do not like to share the love of parents with any of other member of the family. Therefore they try to do various things to get the concentration towards them. Hurting to the younger brother or younger sister, complains on a disease which actually not existing are the examples. Parents can solve the problem with acting them as previously with them and make more concentration on them too.

Some children shows a stuttering when talking. This normally dismiss when the child comes to age of 5-6. But some children continuously show this. There are training programs to make the talking correct. Bedwetting is a common thing in very little ages but if this continues till about 5 years of age it is a problem. First of all we have to identify that is it a mental or physical problem. Both of these have solutions. Some children practicing lies, theft, hurting animals and doing various bad habits. Those mal-practices affect their personality when they get matured too. Those habits can be tear off, with the effort of parents. 

Children who weak on studies is a big problem. Parents and teachers must concern on them well. If the child express a weakness on his/her activities and studies you have to care about it on first sight. It is very important to appreciate the mentality level of the child. In example if the child weak only for reading, concerning on that is important. 

For a disappointment occur on child, various facts can caused for that. Following facts may exist among those. Separate from the mother, disunion of family, subject to abuse are those facts. Symptoms of laziness and sleeplessness, not interested for food, not interested for play can occur on this type of child. Crashing of education and weakness for studies are the dangerous results. Hyperactivity is the next thing exist on mental problems. Some children cannot concentrate their mind on one thing. It is important to identify that whether this is normal or abnormal. If there is any hyperactivity, even medicinal treatments may needed. 

Some children backward in intelligence. Various reasons can cause for this. If there is any treatment for this they are limited. However if a child shows a less growth, less speak, less activity such as walking and dislike to move with others it should be thoroughly concern and get a medical inspection. Meet a psychologist with your child.
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