Do you spend lot of time with computer? Here are some advises to protect your eyes.

Do you spend lot of time with computer? Here are some advises to protect your eyes.
Most of the people who working with computers spend several hours in front of the screen. Such people have to concern on their eyes very much. If it is not it will harmful to your eyes. Many problems can arise on eyes due to the use of computer as a profession. Those are blurring the sight, pain of eyes, itch around eyes, feeling of a burning, etc. 

What should we do to protect our eyes?
Weariness is the cause for those symptoms. If you are a heavy computer user then first place the screen correctly. Your working desk must be in a proper height to make it ease. Keep about 16-33 inches distance between monitor screen and eyes. It is better to keep the screen about 10-20 degrees lower from your eye level. Always keep you screen clean without any dust or finger marks. Use an adjustable chair.

Give your eyes an enough leisure
Give a rest for your eyes regularly when you working with computer. This rest must be at least 5 minutes per hour. Go away from the computer about 5 minutes per hour and give a leisure time to your eyes. This will also helps to reduce the stress. When working with computer get your eyes away from the screen regularly. Or keep your eyes close for a moment. Give some exercise to eyes. Rotate clockwise and again anti-clockwise for a moment. This will help for stronger muscles. 

Make sure that your eyes receive an enough amount of light
If there is no static light to the place you work eyes might get stress. Reduce screen glows which result from outer light sources. Sometimes your dress may make a glow on screen. Do not use the computer in a dark environment. Use a readable font face and size. Using larger fonts should reduce stress. 

Use food with DHA. This may reduce the blueness of eyes. Salmon like fish foods, Carrot, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, sunflower and melon seeds, melon, mango, etc. In addition you have to drink more water to keep the wetness of eyes.
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