Important facts to maintain an indoor aquarium fish tank

Important facts to maintain an indoor aquarium fish tank
Keeping of ornamental fish as pets is a popular hobby in the world. While maintaining and indoor aquarium give you many good returns. But preparing a tank and maintaining a tank is a little bit of challenge. We hope to discuss how to prepare a good fish tank in this article.

Choosing and purchasing a tank
First of all you have to decide whether it is marine water tank or fresh water tank. Marine water tank is very attractive but cost and effort of maintenance is very high. In this type of case you have to use equipments to measure minerals and salts concentrations. Fish are cached from native environment and did not trained. Therefore they might not take foods and you have to maintain water very well. For a beginner, the better solution is fresh water tank. It is cheap and less effort need to maintain. This also not need expensive equipments to measure water.

While purchasing a tank remember to buy large tank. Larger tanks are easy to maintain. The only draw back is the price of the tank. About 70-80 Liter tank is a good selection. A used tank is a good solution to preserve money but there may be damages.

Aquarium equipments
You may require several aquarium equipments to prepare a good tank. You need a good stand to keep the tank. Stand can bear the weight of the tank after filling water and decorate with fish. Choose a good filter for your tank. 150 L filter is suitable for 75 L tank. And filter pad or sponge pad require to install the filter. If the climate is cold you have to use a heater. If you are using a heater install a thermometer to measure the water temperature. Use clear gravel or pebble and clear sand to the bottom layer. If you do not grow natural plants inside the tank, cheap cost lights are enough. Use a timer to turn on light for atleast 10 hours.

Preparing the tank
Prepare hiding places for fish but keep in mind not to place more plants or other decorations. Prepare tank before buy fish. Clean the using ornaments, gravels, pebbles and sand with hot water for several times. Keep the filled water for atleast 3-4 weeks before put fish. This is for bacteria growing. These bacteria helps to remove ammonia and nitroge. You can add 6-8 fish for 75 L tank.

When introducing new fish to a tank let the bag to float for several minutes to come to the temperature of the tank. Then release the tie and let a little bit of tank water to go inside the bag. Then slowly move the fish into tank.

Maintaining tank and fish
You have to give food for six days of a week. Do not give food for one day and it will digest foods well. Replace half of water per week. Clean the bottom surface using a sucking equipment.
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