Important Information about Pearl Gourami

interesting formation about pearl gourami
Pearl Gourami is among the most beautiful Gourami of the world. Therefore they are very popular all around the world among the aquarium fish lovers. Some one call them as lace Gourami or mosaic Gourami. This post explains more interesting information about pearl Gourami.

Trichopodus leerii is the scientific name and some times identify as Trichogaster leerii. Mother lands are Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and most of the South Eastern territories. Pearl Gourami is a good fish for beginners.

They commonly have brown colored body and white and light colored spots spread all over the body. There is a black line from head to tail in the middle of the body. Male fish are more bright in color and orange in color between the mouth and belly. Fins of the male fish are longer than female. Comparing to male fish, female fish are not high in color. And fins are not bigger than males.

Normally a placid fish but shows some kind of impulsive behavior near the breeding season. In the time of breeding male some times try to beat females very much. If you see such a scene separate the the female. When a couple get ready to breed male create a bubble nest from his mouth. Reduce the water level of breeding tank to 8-10 inches. Male paste the female laid eggs inside the nest. After laying eggs male expels the female away and protect the nest. Male fish stay near the bubble nest and protect the eggs. At this time you must remove the female away room the tank. Normally juveniles come out from 2 days. Male also protect these juveniles and after 3 days of come out they get the ability of swim. Then at this time you have to provide daphnia, infusoria like micro foods. If juveniles can swim themselves you are able to remove the male fish also from the tank.

Pearl Gourami is omnivorous. Normal fish food is good for these fish. But if you can give tubifes or bloodworms occasionally it will be helpful to higher growth. 2 feet by 1 foot space is enough for one couple. If it able to increase the tank size is better. Keeping the purity of the water is very important. Pearl Gourami likes for a environment with aquarium plants around. Use a good filter.
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