Important information to keep a Boxer Dog as a pet

Important information to keep a Boxer Dog as a pet
Boxer is very powerful and frisky dog. Short and wide face and wide mouth is the characteristic of this dog. Boxer is in the 10 most popular dogs in the world. According to a survey in 2008 they are at the 9th position in UK, 7th position in Canada. According to a survey on 2012 they are in the 7th position in USA.

Mother land of Boxer dog is Germany. They found in the 19th century and oldest ancestor of it is the fighter dog Bullenbeisser and Old English Bulldog. In the past they used for hunting wild boar and bisons. History shows that they are used for Bull Baiting sports as the bulldog and pitbull dogs.

They can hold after bite for a long time without opening the mouth. Therefore they are used not only for hunting but also as police and army dogs. In the era of second world war it used as army dog. In the present Boxer dog is used as watchers, private security guard, police dog, pet and guide gods to guide blind people.

Height of the male boxer dog is about 23-25inches in standard and female is about 21.5-23.5 inches. Weight of the male is in the range of 30-32kg and female is 25-27kg. If the boxer is a medium size dog they are very strong. Boxer is light brown, dark brown, red brown and brindle in color. Black and white colors are rare. If boxer has white markings with any of those color he is more valuable. These white markings are present in legs, chest, neck and front head. Dental formation is a special characteristic of these dogs. Teeth of lower jaw established more forward than the upper jaw. Boxer can hold for a long time without opening the mouth after bite. They do not like to release the mouth. The story of 'mouth locking' among the dog lovers is a myth. Most of the countries have a trend to cut the tail to short in the puppy age. And they like to straighten the sagging ears by a surgery.

Boxer is like to play every time. This dog is more suitable for people in teenage. They received the name "Boxer" because they can fight as a boxer with standing rear legs and fight with front legs. They also use this stance in playing. Boxer is more suitable as watch dog. They normally do not like to the visitors who come to their home. But when understood they are not enemies boxer will be friendly with them. Boxer needs to exercise regularly. Therefore do not keep them in a cage or tied. They may fight dangerously with other outside dogs. Therefore keep other dogs away from boxers. But they can be friendly with the dogs in their home.
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