Interesting facts about Dalmatian dogs

Interesting facts about Dalmatian dogs
Dalmatian is normally popular among high class families. One of the most premier dog variety of the world. Formation of Dalmatian was in Croatia in the area of Dalmatia. Therefore they call Dalmatian. In the middle era of history they are used for hunting purposes. Later they trained for protect horse carts. They protect master's horse carts with chasing where it go. Later Dalmatian is trained for duties of fire brigade. They are also used for protect cultivation from other destroying animal, hunting partner, watchdogs at army camps, etc. In the 90th decade Dalmatian is kept by high class families of the society. 

Body is white and black or brown spots spread all over the body. Therefore they seems beautiful. When they born they totally white and when getting old black or brown spots going to appear. They are medium size dogs. Some times more larger dogs can be found. Shoulder height of Dalmatian male is about 20-24 inches and female is about 19-23 inches. Males weight about 18-30kg and females are about 15-25kg. 

They have done their job chasing horse carts in the past. Therefore they like to run and walk long distances. Dalmatian is more active and energetic dog. Do not keep them in a cage or tie for long time. They like to play all the day long. Let them to play or rung long distance for at least one hour per day. Dalmatian is bent down for fearless and obedient masters but they may not bent down for weak masters. They can be a good security guards if trained well. 

Dalmatian is healthy type. But they might be deaf at birth. This situation can be identified in the puppy age. Therefore if you buy a Dalmatian puppy you must care of their hearing. Dalmatian has a trend of having kidney diseases. Do not give them more meat and flesh. Give them more water to drink. Life time of Dalmatian dog is about 11-13 years if in good health.
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