Interesting information about Doberman

Interesting information about Doberman
Doberman has make a name as a private security guard around the world. Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann is the creator of this special variety. He is a German and it is 1890. He is a tax collector in profession. He faced life threatening every day when collecting taxes. Therefore he needed to create a dog to protect him from those threats. Then he mixed German Pinscher, Rottweiler, Beauceron, Thuringian Sylvan Dog, Greyhound, Great Dane, Weimaraner, German Shorthaired Pointer and American Pit Bull to make this special kind. As a respect for him later this variety named in his name as Doberman. Today Doberman is used for house protection, private guard and police dog.

Doberman has a thin but very strong body. Shoulder height of male is about 26-28 inches and females 24-26 inches. Weight of male is about 30-45kg and female is 26-40kg. Those facts are internationally certified values and not in all the countries in same size and weight. If you buy a Doberman concern about these standard facts. There are four colors. Black and tan, Red/liver color, blue and fawn color. Black and tan and the red/liver color is the most spread colors of the world. Short shiny bodily hair is the characteristic of Doberman and it is the beauty. Some countries have a habit of cut the tail in small ages. Normally auricles of years are sagging but in some countries they straighten by surgeries.

Doberman is very intelligent. He is the 5th intelligent dog of the world. If trained well they are very obedient. Specially they bond to their owner well. If use for house security they do not let to enter any kind of person or animal to the land. In any obstacle to family member they react fast and very dangerous. Doberman is dauntless. They doing well with other species of pet dogs in the home. And they love family members and like to live with them close.

Normally a healthy type. When keeping in a low temperature give them a warm shade and covering because they have very tiny hair. Common diseases are back bone problems and heart problems. Not all Doberman have these diseases. There is a trend to come from ancestry. If there any kind of symptom immediately meet a vet surgeon. There is a rare disease called Von Willebrand's Disease. Main symptom is a bleeding in gum.
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