Interesting information about Platy aquarium fish

Interesting information about Platy aquarium fish
Most of the people like to keep aquarium fish tank in their homes. They keep it for decoration or for a hobby. Most of the aquarium fish lovers know about Platy. Tiny fish with various colors and easy to propagate.

Common name is Platy and the scientific name is Xiphophorus maculatus. Normally grow to about 2 - 2.5 inches long. Mother land of this pet fish is Middle America. They grow very fast in tropical climate with a temperature range of 65-78 Fahrenheit (18-26 Celsius).

They propagate with spawning. Platy is very easy to look after and can recommend to a new comer to the subject. Platy is a very peaceful creature and have a good resistance for diseases. Female is smaller than male fish. Male and female can be identified separately using the shape of the anal fin.

Time of pregnancy of a female is about 4-6 weeks and they lay 10-30 fry (baby fish). Platy eats their young ones. Therefore it is good to separate fry from mother. They are omnivorous and they live for atleast 2-3 years.

Platy is very cheap to buy and easy to grow. There are several types in the market. Those are,

Red Platy : When hearing the name Platy we memorize a little red fish. Red is the most common type. Body is red in color and fins and caudal fin are black.

Assorted Platy : Body color is yellow-orange and fins are black.

Gold Mickey Mouse Platy : Shiny black fins and large black spot near the
caudal fin. Orange in color with a blue spot near the eye.

Painted Platy : This type of platy has black spots spread all over the body. Body color is yellowish red.

Pineapple Platy : Like a pineapple they have fire red in some places of the body and yellowish orange in color.

Tiger Ruby Platy : This type has a reddish line pattern in vertical side of the body. Fins are black in color. Tiger Ruby is little bit expensive than the other.

Rainbow Platy :
Caudal fin is black. Body color mixed yellow, red and black. Some species have various shapes of fins.

Golden Twin Bar Platy : This type is also called as moon fish. Glowing yellow in color. There are two black lines on top and bottom of the
caudal fin. Therefore they are called as Twin Bar type.
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