Protect your backbone for live healthy life

Protect your backbone for live healthy life
Back pain is a common situation not only among old people but also young. Medical description for the backbone is from neck to hip bone. There are 30 bones included for the back bone. There are seven bones in neck, 12 bones in thoracic section, 5 bones under thoracic and 6 bones in the part connect with hip bone. All those bones are belong to back bone.

Most of the pains appear on lower back bone region. This is an area which bears a big weight of the body. Therefore pains in this area is very common. Cartilage between adjacent bones helps to move those two bones. These cartilages preserves colliding bones together. There is a gel forming inside the cartilage. When a damage happen to this cartilage, there is a possibility of gel coming out.

According to the back bone anatomy, there are lot of muscles and tendons join with the back bone to form a rigid structure. These muscles and tendons allow to the movements without any damage to the bones or cartilages. Most of the back pains happen due to stretching and tearing of these muscles and tendons.

Nerves pass through these bones, muscles and tendons from neck to foot. Pressure on these nerves also result pains. Leg pains such as sciatica can also occur due to this situation. An inability in leg movement can also comes because of back bone problem. Pains occur with the muscles and tendons are not big issues but keeping such a pain for long time it becomes the status called "chronic low back pain". And frequent back pains also results mental stress.

Another reason for back pains is damaging cartilages. Stay in a wrong position for a long time or lifting high weight at once are main reasons for these damages. This is not a dangerous situation. You can heal soon by getting treatments. When this get serious nerve pressing around urine channel and abdomen will also results pains. Bad effect of these are the difficulty of urinate and walking.

Back pains can occur due to Spondylo Arthropathy disease. This is a type of arthritis. Disease is most common among young ages. If not treated, muscles around back bone will be inactive and will be unable to bend the back bone. Osteoporosis also causes for back pains.

Above mentioned are the common facts for back pain. There are few rare but very danger facts also available in following description. First thing is due to cancers. Back bone is near to colon, ovaries and womb. If there any cancer in such organs, high back pain may occur.

Other rare fact is germ infections. Cancers and germ infections must be early diagnose to go for successful treatments. Back pains can occur due to difficulties on kidneys, bladder, womb. All those pains appear around back bone. If fever and burning pain on urination occur as symptoms, it may be a affection in womb or bladder.

To avoid common back pains, always keep correct postural. Maintain a good body mass index. Exercise daily. Keep in mind to exercise back muscles, belly muscles and leg muscles well. Specially mothers after delivery keep in mind to exercise for abdomen, back and legs. Most of the back pains can heal completely.
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