Some amazing facts about the importance of mineral salts to your beauty

Some amazing facts about the importance of mineral salts to your beauty
We have to understand that mineral salts are helpful to improve our health. And it is important to take mineral rich foods to improve the beauty of you. We have to get vitamins and minerals as supplements if any failure of nutrition only.

First of all let's see what are those mineral salts. Nutritional components needed as elements, for structural constituents of body, to make some kinds of chemical compounds and generate energy are called as mineral salts. Mineral salts have divided into two main categories. Those are major mineral compounds and minor mineral compounds.

Calcium, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Sodium, Chlorine, Potassium and Magnesium are major mineral salts. Weakening of hair, teeth, bones and nails can occur in calcium deficiency. In calcium deficiency, your bones will decay and reduce growing, lack of sleep, bandy-legged, muscle contraction can occur. You can get more calcium through sea foods, deep green vegetables, sesame, sunflower seeds, eggs, milk, cheese, cashew, fruits, small fish, soya, leguminous foods, ragi, spinach and ladies finger.

When become lack of Phosphorous, bone weakness, muscle weakness and weariness can occur. Every foods have phosphorous, specially in grain, seeds, vegetables, meat, milk, sunflower seeds, beans and jack fruit.

Lack of food appetite, cramp, reduce the activity of kidneys and nausea can occur due to lack of Sodium. You can get sodium by using margarine, marmite, dried fish, milk, eggs, salt and butter.

In lack of chlorine you will suffer from reducing the activity of kidneys, lack of food appetite, nausea, weariness and cramp. The main chlorine supplement is salt.

Deficiency of Magnesium makes skin diseases, scale spots, muscle weakness, difficulties of vitamin c and calcium digestion, anger, reduce brain power and muscle contractions. Sea foods, grain, soya, fruits, apple, lemon, grapes and green leaves can use to get enough magnesium.

Iron, Zinc, Cobalt, Copper, Chromium, Glorine, Iodine and Selenium are the minor mineral salts.

Skin pale, itch of skin, anemia, panting, reducing hair hardness, weak nails and reducing immunity comes due to the deficiency of iron. Sesame, dhal, green gram, ragi, cocoa, egg York, meat, fish, cashew nuts, pumpkin, grape and green leaves are the foods which contains iron.

There are many symptoms can be identified due to zinc deficiency. Those are skin wrinkling, skin pale, skin cracks, hair off and white patches on nails. Pumpkin, sunflower seeds, sea food, meat, eggs and legume foods are zinc rich foods.

Skin pale, hair off, hair color change and anemia will happen when reducing the amount of copper in body. You can fill it by taking copper rich foods like meat, eggs, liver, grain, sea food, legume foods and green leaves.

Expanding thyroid gland, skin wrinkling and skin drying can occur due to iodine deficiency. Take more iodated salt, sea foods to increase the iodine intake.
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