Ayurvedic treatments to reduce fat

Ayurvedic treatments to reduce fat
Today's reason for obesity is our busy lives. With this busy life most of the people have practiced to get short snacks. Therefore we take oil, carbohydrates, sugar mixed food in larger amounts. Other thing is we do not exercise comparing how we eat. We normally sat on a place for long time. Presently everything has changed to easy way and use technology very much. Therefore our body will not automatically receive usual exercises.

If it is not burn the calories we absorbed comparably, it will make obesity. There are numerous reasons to obesity. Some of those are less exercise, wrong food habits, some kind of diseases, Irregulation of menstrual cycle, incompatibility of hormones such as thyroxin and hormones help to reproductive system, etc.

Body Mass Index (BMI) of an ordinary person should be between 18 - 24.9. If the figure goes beyond 24.9 it is over weight or obesity. To calculate this BMI get your weight in kilograms and height in meters. Then divide weight by the square of height. You will get the BMI.

According to this obesity most of the people get stressed. But the physical problems which can arise from this have to concern more than that. They may face to heart attacks, high blood cholesterol, non-communicable diseases, joint pains and ailments, varicose, etc. 

To control obesity we have to treat both internally and externally. There are lot of Ayurvedic medicines for obesity. Some oil massages help to reduce fat. Steam bath sweat your body and help to reduce fat. Yoga exercises help to reduce weight and burn fat. There are special locative exercises in yoga to special places of the body such as thighs, abdomen, arms, etc. Practice for a well organized food pattern. Meet a nutritionist and ask for a meal plan.
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