Can only medicine correct hearing disabilities?

Can only medicine correct hearing disabilities?
Hearing and ear is very important to communicate each other. Because sounds hold a great part of communication. What if high sounds? It can make our hearing disable. Therefore in a high decibel rated sounds people face to inconvenience and stress. First we have to study what are the special factors which affect to deaf.

Deaf can be happened due to a damage of ear drum and after damaging inner parts. Here the patient have to subject to doctor advices and treatments. If so, patient may increase hearing within 1-2 weeks some times.

But if there any permanent damage occurs to the nerves and sound sensitive cells, patient may occur permanent disability. In such a situation it could not be recovered. These types of disabilities could not heal by medicines also. Patient can get support of Hearing Amplification Devices to increase hearing.

Measurement unit of sound power is decibel (dB). Due to the danger of high sounds various organizations have come up with rules such as issuing limitation for sounds. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) express that revealing 85dB or more for 8 hours daily will make harm to hearing.

There are some other reasons than hearing disabilities due to high sound. Fullness, blocking sensation, tinnitus, imbalance/dizziness/vertigo are some of those. Not only the ear but also blood circulation, respiration, activity of body and activity of heart may be affected indirectly. Except physical affections there may be some mental problems also arise by this. With that kind of mental problems a patient may indicate headache, weariness, sleeplessness and stress.

WHO (World Health Organization) also categorized the disabilities due to sound (NIHL) is a major health problem of the world. This affected to every 16 persons from 100. Every country of the world has faced to this problem considerably.
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