Comparison driven stress and techniques for stop

Comparison driven stress and techniques for stop
Home should be a placid, calm place. Child step up to the society from home. If there were no good foundation from home, child should be loser one day. If the child is fulfilled with qualities and have a strong mind he will never lose. Therefore home environment must be filled with good placid qualities and a calm place to live.

A mother bears a great part at home. As per her mind is calm and good the home environment also a good placid place. If her mind is not clear and filled with jealousy, how do we expect a good, calm environment inside the home.

Think about such a situation. If you are the mother, how you react on your family members and even pets. You blamed or hit them.

Reason for this type of stress is comparison. You try to compare you or yours with other people. Most of the mothers become to stress with comparing her children with her relation's or neighbor's. When you comparing you dissolve your jealousy with blaming your children or hit them. Comparison is not a good thing. Only result is becoming stress and gone ill.

Result of underrating them selves is they lost the care of themselves. Were you loss your health and clarity. Do you miss those with saying, 'there is no time'. If you forget yourself it is the beginning of family problems. And you may have to regret one day.

Most of the people in the society suffer from confusing their minds. If so they have no idea what they should do or not to do. Some people gathering hopes without understanding the inability of achieving. But they try to overcome those anyway, even by their children. The pressure of keeping such hopes in your mind is confusing all your duties. You have to believe and understand that what really you can do. And keep the hopes that much. Then the stress will dissolve. Life coming easy. Never bend your mind to compare your children with others.

You also can get a solution from meditation.
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