Difference between the brains of men and women

Difference between the brains of men and women
We know that the difference between men and women is like the earth and sky. Brain developing of men and women is the reason for this big difference. We describe several identifiable differences between the brains of men and women here in this post.

Women are able to do more than one works at a time without any confusion. Just like they can cook, watching TV and answering a phone call without any confusion or error. But men could not. Men can do only one work at a time. If they try to do several works together one or more than one work should be corrupted.

Women are leading in multi lingual practicing. Women can easily understand and able to learn more than one languages together but men could not. Men are weak on learning languages. In example, a girl of age 3 years have a more broader vocabulary than same aged boy. But women are weak on problem solving. Their logically thinking ability is low. But men are forward in this. They have more ability of logically thinking. Ordinary woman is weak in a mathematic problem solving than an ordinary man. Therefore women are weaker in analytical thinking. Men have more space in brain than women to analysis. Men can easily identify and understand a plan or a map than women. Women only see that like a complex art. They unable to recognize the real status of it.

Women are also in lead on lie and cheat. When a woman is saying a lie, 70% of the capacity which reserved for this action, reserves for controlling the changes of face, 20% to body language and 10% to the words naturally. But to the men it is completely different. They will not receive any support from the brain to telling a lie. 

When facing to a bunch of problems women could not understand those separately. Their mind is confused in such a situation. But men could be able to categorized the problems and can find solutions for one by one. In a problem, woman needs to tell it to any other. After telling it to other person she could be able to sleep well, whether the problems solved or not. She gets a heal with crying or weeping but not in problem solving. But a man is different and they find solutions. They could not even able to sleep till the problem solve.

The needs of men and women are different and these also controls by their brains. Women needs connections, friends, family, comfort, etc. But men needs standard, success, solutions, plans, etc. Both of men and women are in same position of the need of sex. Women consider larger amount in their brains for connections. If the connections break they also fall in mentality. Men use more space in brain for working. They fails when works are fail. Women could not do work when the connections broke but men could not make connections when works are fail.

Women not talking directly. They always say something with hiding something. They let the hearer to understand what they mean and want. But men are talking directly at the point. They say something simply and directly without hiding anything. When get aggressive women use words without thinking good or bad. But when men get aggressive they do without self controlling. 

So, men and women are different. But they live together in one home in one bed sharing one life. It is the success of both men and women.
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