How to do pedicure at home step by step

How to do a perfect pedicure at home step by step
In beauty culturing health of the feet is concern very much because feet gives a maximum look to the body. Appearance of nails is important because nails give beauty to feet. From a pedicure a miscellaneous clean of feet will be done. This cleans lower, upper sides of feet, heels, toes and nails. Cutting and decorating nails holds a great part of pedicure.

Here, your dried skin will remove using a pumice stone or foot file. Fist scrub with rough side and then smooth side of the pumice stone. When you starting a pedicure, first do a foot spa with lightly warm water.

Put lightly warm water into a basin and add some body lotion to it. Then put your feet in it to cover the tops of feet. Keep for atleast 5 minutes. Then take feet out and cut nails. Do not cut nails to the skin or do not keep long. If you cut to the skin, when you wear shoes with covering toes, it will hurt. If it keep long it may hurt if hits to something. Use a special nail clipper which suitable for toe nails.

It is recommended to do a pedicure atleast once a month. If you have dried feet or cracks then do it twice a month. After cutting nails, brush those with a nail file. Then push cuticles using a cuticle pusher. Before pushing cuticles paste a cuticle cream or liquid and it may ease to push. Cut additional cuticles. Then brush the rough skin on heel using a pumice stone or foot file. This will remove the rough skin. If there are heavy cracks, remove the cracked skin using a special razor which made for this. This may make wounds. Therefore do it carefully.

Next step is scrub. Massage with applying a foot cream after scrub. Then wash and wipe. If you apply nail polish first fix toe separators. Apply a base coat and then apply the nail color. At last apply a top coat to protect nail polish.

Doing a pedicure once a month is a must. But if you have heavy cracks then do it twice a month.
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