Machu Picchu, the ancient hidden city.

Machu Picchu, the ancient hidden city.
Machu Picchu is belong to the 15th century B.C. This city has built on the Urubamba valley of Peru and altitude of about 8000 feet. This city was built by Inca king called Pachacuti in 1450 B.C. But after about 100 years there was an invasion of Spain and there this city was abandoned. However Spains did not know about the city. Only few natives knew about this. Time has cover the city with a jungle. In 1911 an American archeologist Hiram Bingham found this again and then the hidden Machu Picchu revealed.

Machu Picchu structured with cut and polished stone walls. Inti Watana, Temple of the Sun and Room of the Three Windows are world famous creations. Those were build for ancient Incan sun god named Inti.

City has divided into two parts. Those are agricultural area and resident area. Resident area also divided into upper and lower city. There are several ideologies about the Machu Picchu. One of those is it is the lost city of famous Incans. But later this ideology is abandoned. Another one is, this city was built to the virgins of the sun. Third one is, this city was built for feather bedding of Incans and they used it as a leisure place.

Machu Picchu is nominated as UNESCO world heritage site in 1983.
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