Protect your child from accidental poisoning

Protect your child from accidental poisoning
Parents have to pay very hard attention on the security of children. Always have to keep in mind that every accident is preventable. Need is your attention and understanding only. We cannot predict an accident of a child. This article describes about some accidents your child may be subjected.

It is common that they face some accidents when they play, running or climbing activities. There is an other mortal factor but everybody not gives an enough attention on. It is accidents by poisons. Most of those are accidentally inserting poisons via mouth.

Pesticides, weedicides, insecticides, medicinal drugs, petroleum liquids, poisonous fruits or plant material, snake bites or poisonous animal bites are the common types of poisons. If there any type of poisons in your house keep all those in a place where children could not reach. They drink or eat those without understanding what are they. If there is any accidental inserting bring the child to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. They they can remove those poisons using medical techniques before affecting to organs.

Every child learn something by following and copying. Most of the children eat or drink medical drugs by seeing some adult taking those. High dose of drugs given to blood pressure, diabetes, iron supplements, paracetamol, etc may cause bad. Some children take medicines which use for them in before for an illness. Therefore keep all the drugs and medicines in a place where children could not reach or take.

By eating some kind of poisonous plant parts, seeds or fruits may be mortal. Therefore keep in mind to follow where your child go or play. Do not keep poisonous plants inside the house or near the house or in the garden where they commonly reach or play.

Other poisonous accident is snake bite or poisonous animal bites. Do not let your children to reach the places where unsure with any present of poisonous animals. If there is any snake bite, bring your child to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. If there is an ability identify the animal bitten.

In any poison insert go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. Do not hide any fact. If you hide anything it may harm to your child. If any possibility bring the type of poison, poison container or animal bitten with the child.
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