Reducing errors on self-makeup and tips for makeup

Reducing errors on self-makeup and tips for makeup
Most of the women like to make-up at home by themselves. Because going to a saloon is time wasting and expensive thing. But the make-up you done in home have to be a professional one. This article helps you to reduce errors you may done in a home make-up.

Use a mascara which is non-dissolve in sweat or tears. Do not use a cheap one. If so it may dissolve and flow beneath eyes. Use a non-dissolvable one. If the mascara is a good one you must wash it from water first and use a face wash to remove. A good mascara is a little high in price.

It is very important to clean your make-up brush set regularly. If you use it daily it should be cleaned atleast once a week. If it only use for 2-3 times a week clean it atleast once a month. Cleaning a make-up brush means not to wash it in water. There are special type of cleaners in the market to do this. Use it, it is not high in price.

A common error most of the women do using foundation is matching the foundation color to the skin color of face. Match the foundation color to the color of the back of the palm. If you match it to the face color, face will noticeable than other body parts. Therefore do not use a foundation to more whiten the face. Do not apply foundation on entire face. Apply it only under eyes, top of the nose to the shape of letter E. This will make a full grown look to your face.

If you using nail polish remove it using a remove atleast once in two weeks. Do not apply cutex over an existing layer of nail polish. It will damage your nails and natural nail color. And it is not good to keep nail polish for a long time.

When you making up do not use very bright lights. The best light for making up is normal yellow light or natural sun light.
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