The latest discussion about the obesity

Obesity is becoming a main health problem of the world. It does not depend on where or whom and spreading all over the world. This is not only charming for beauty culture but a major health problem. Obesity may result to heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Some countries have named the obesity as a disease not a reason for diseases because they have faced it more dangerously.

American named it as a disease in 2013 and Canada named it on 2015. There are some arguments against this nomenclature. But the obesity is becoming a major problem of the society. In the conference of  World Association of Obesity gathered in Sweden on last June 2016 discussed about few newest trends of obesity. Not only the bad food habits and less exercise are the causes of obesity but also genetic, social and chemical issues present. Then we could not further think that controlling foods and continue exercise will control the obesity. Present health industry has understood that it is more complex and have to be treated more widely.

In the present situation chemicals which contaminate the environment are responsible for obesity very much. Such chemicals destroy the equilibrium of hormones inside the human body. In example, destroying the insulin formation will result diabetes. These chemicals also increase the lipid levels of the body. Some chemicals sense the brain that there is not enough food taken if the stomach is full. Specially this can be seen among children. Medicinal treatments may require to heal such a situation. Due to some corn syrups with high fructose concentration will break the process of reducing lipotoxicity. Another study proved that there is a connection between obesity and depression. Both of these feed each other.

Activity of micro organisms inside intestines are subjected to changed because of artificial foods. Micro organisms inside the intestine are responsible for the food digestion and nutrition. Therefore artificial foods also play a considerable role in obesity.

Many kinds of medicines for obesity are found in the market. These medicines act on controlling the greedy and hunger in dieting, give brain a feeling of 'enough' early, reducing lipid absorption, burning more energy, etc. Presently people doing Metabolic Surgeries in larger amounts. There they reducing the size of the stomach or reduce the length of the intestine. This prevents absorbing more foods.

Treatments, habitual changes and measuring methods have also changed. In example professionals say that using the waistline measurement is more better than using Body Mass Index (BMI) while measuring obesity. For diabetes and heart attacks, the fat store near the abdomen are responsible much more. Sometimes the result of BMI is not results a correct measurement on obesity. In this equation, when you measure Body Mass it will take the size it will also take the weight of bones. It is not a factor which directly related with the obesity. The BMI has resulted error values because of this.

It is very rare that the infants in first 6 months subjecting to obesity. Because they receive only breast milk as a food and it is fully natural. But the powdered milk is artificial and it damages the activities of micro organisms in intestines. In the pregnancy, if mother try to reduce the weight the danger of affecting infant to obesity is reduced.

Do not take foods, while watching television. When your attentiveness is not on food you may eat more food. Do not take foods frequently. Limit to the main 3 meals. Do not entrap to the machinery which advertised on media to reduce fat. These give only a temporary effect.
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