The things you have to know about nasal drops and nasal spray

Nasal drops and sprays are very abundant today. Those drugs are used to remove nasal blocks, give as anti-biotic, anti-histamine and steroids. When you buying nasal drugs you have to concern about the date of manufacture and the date of expire. And also check about the pack sealed.

What is the correct method to use nasal drops?
Shake the bottle well. Then sit on a comfortable action and turn the head a little up. Push one nasal hole with a finger to block and put one drop to the other nasal cavity. Take a deep breath. Do it to the other nasal cavity (if more than one drop prescribed).

How to use nasal spray?
Shake the bottle well. Sit with a comfortable style. Turn head up a little. Close one nasal cavity. Put the open end of the equipment to the other nasal hole. Then press the leaver or button as mentioned in the catalogue. Take a deep breath. Do not use same equipment for more than one persons.

You have to follow the correct medical advices when using these medicines. Nasal drugs not only use for clear nasal blocks. You have to ask your doctor about the correct method to use this. Do not let to make any damage to the equipment because this will fail to out the correct dose. If there any burn, Redding or allergy condition in nasal cavity or throat, meet your doctor immediately. Do not exceed the recommended time period.
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