True story of the world famous Hollywood name board

True story of the world famous Hollywood name board
Hollywood name board is a symbol of national and cultural symbol of America. This structure established on the Lee peak of the Santa Monica mountains of Los Angeles. Hollywood name board was built in 1923 and it's aim was to promote a home and land project of Harry Chandler in this area. Name of this lands was Hollywood Land. To built the 13 characters he gave it to Thomas Fisk Goff.

He designed this for one letter to 30 feet width (9.1 meters) and 50 feet height (15 meters), white English Capital. To light this he used about 4000 electric lamps. Their first idea was display this to one and half years. Therefore it built by using metal sheets and wooden frames. Anyway this was popular so much than they expected and became a symbol of America.

This has been decayed when it came to 1949 because of using wooden frames and metal plates and there was no cover. Therefore they started to repair it. At that time there was no land promotion. Because of that they remove the LAND letters and keep the HOLLYWOOD only.

When it comes to 1978 this was decayed very much again. Popular financier Hugh Hefner the founder of Playboy repaired it. He invite 9 financiers one per letter to build this with concrete base and heavy metal frames and metal plates to stay long term. One letter of this is 45 feet high (14m) and width of 31 feet to 39 feet (9.4-11.9m). Total length is 350 feet (110m).

In the year of 2005 another repair was took in action. There they were repainted this. Lot of visitors per year comes to see this. And America has prohibited this to use for any commercial meaning without a legal approval.
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