What are the foods which not harm to kidney diseases?

What are the foods which not harm to kidney diseases?
Kidney disease is spreading rapidly all over the world. We call as diseases are the kidney irregularities. Removing waste and excess fluids, balance the level of potassium and sodium, generating some kind of hormones and vitamins are the most common duties of kidneys. Those waste will remain in blood on a kidney failure.

Those waste and fluids come from foods we take. Therefore taking only recommended food in a kidney disease can prevent concentrate waste and fluids in blood and give the leisure to kidneys. It can reduce the speed of damage. Food taken is change due to the type of disease. But in common there are some facts we have to concern on taking foods.

Limit high protein contents. Protein is needed to repair the damaging and decayed parts of the body. The required amount of protein is absorbed from the foods we take. After using these protein it converts to urea. If someone's kidneys are not working correctly, this urea is concentrate inside of the body. To reduce such urea concentration you have to reduce the protein  consumption. Among the foods meat, fish, eggs, milk and curd, cheese and other dairy products are the high protein foods. Not only those there are some vegetarian foods such as gram, green gram, dhal and soya. Amount of protein intake limits are vary with the diseases. If someone suffer with kidney failure for long time they have to reduce the protein intake from foods. A women weighted about 140 pounds who suffering kidney failure have to take only 4 ounces of protein per day. This amount can get from one egg, 1 ounce of chicken, 2 ounce of fish. A man weighted about 190 pounds who suffering from kidney failure have to take only 06 ounces of protein.

Increasing the Potassium concentration is dangerous to a kidney patient. Potassium is needed to keep the health of nerves, muscles and heart. Most of the foods contain this mineral. Keeping the exact limit of potassium concentration inside the body is done by kidneys. Increasing of potassium concentration inside the body is very dangerous. It might stop the heart. Following are the foods kidney patients have to avoid. Lemon, orange, banana, tomato, potatoes, coffee, chocolate, mushrooms, dried fruits. Every vegetable and fruit contains potassium. Therefore kidney patients have to intake vegetables and fruits in very little amounts.

Phosphorous and Calcium are helpful to make bones strong and healthy. In a kidney failure, the balance of phosphorous and calcium in blood will break down. Kidneys will fail to remove excess phosphorous. Therefore it will increase the concentration of phosphorous in blood and reduce the calcium. You have to reduce foods which contain high phosphorous to control the Phosphorous concentration in blood. Milk and dairy products, dry grains, drinks like beer, coca cola, cocoa, meat, liver of flesh, sardine are the foods with high Phosphorous concentration.

If you are a kidney patient you have to limit salt very much to limit the Sodium intake. Sodium cause to high blood pressure. Most of the prepared foods like cheese, some snacks, soup, ham, bacon, sausages, etc have high salt concentrations. When we intake high salt, body will remain high liquid amount to dilute salt. Swelling, difficulties of respiration may occur from excess fluids.

According to the type of the kidney disease amount of liquid taken is vary. Patients who subject to dialyze have take only the recommended amounts by the physician. This amount is measured by measuring the total urination and add 2-3 cups of water to it.

Calories help to make energy. When you subject to a kidney failure you intake less protein. Therefore it will reduce the calorie intake. Therefore a kidney patient have to take more calories. They have to take these calories by using oils and carbohydrates. But if the patient have diabetes he further consult a nutrition to identify what to eat or not.
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