What will happen if womb is removed?

What will happen if womb is removed?
Womb is to make and grow embryo. There are two ovaries and fallopian tubes connected to this. Ovaries generates Estrogen hormone. It is an special one to women. Most of the feminine characteristics comes with this hormone. The beauty, smoothness of the skin, full grown breasts, shape of the body are some of those. And Estrogen also helps to lubricate vagina in the intercourse. This hormone starts to generate when a girl comes to puberty. And it stops generate when a women stops menstrual cycle. If a woman have a problem with Estrogen hormone, it can be taken from outside.

Womb can affected with diseases such as fibroid and adenomyosis. Fibroid is a tumer forms on the muscle layers of womb and non-cancerous. Most of those have no need of treatments but if it grow bigger, womb should be removed. Adenomyosis forms in inner walls (endometrium) of womb. This results heavy menstrual period. This causes due to breaking more tissues of endometrium. In such situations womb may have to be removed. Sometimes the womb should have to be removed because of cancers. Other cause is various kinds of infections. These infections comes with inserting germs to the womb. Most of the time these infections distribute to the fallopian tubes and even to ovaries. Causes for these kinds of infections are unsafe abortions, unsafe sexual intercourses, inserting germs in a child birth, etc. If such an infection is in action, a woman feel a high pain during the menstrual period. Most of such infections a patient may loss all of womb, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Surgeons decide what should remove according to the disease and the status of it. Women take this removal of womb as a major draw back in their lives but the surgeon have to make their mentality. Patient have to understand that this removal is for survival. Most of the people think that removing womb is make a difficulty to sexual intercourse. It is just an imaginary. There will no any difficulty to sexual intercourse if the womb is removed. If it is a young woman, womb will not be removed. If she is older than 35 years and have completed her family, removal of womb is not a big problem. But before removal of womb, every woman will be subjected to other treatments and try to avoid removal. Womb removal is the final solution.

If ovaries also removed with the womb, there will no Estrogen formation. Then the patient have to take Estrogen hormone externally. If not, irritated skin, high sweating, vaginal dryness will occur. Because of vaginal dryness difficulties of sexual intercourse will occur. Patient can use artificial vaginal lubrications for intercourse and skin lotions for skin irritation.

When loss of Estrogen, women will fat. Therefore they have to quit from their ordinary life, control foods and doing exercises. They have to check their cholesterol and blood sugar levels periodically.

Do not get the womb removal as a major issue and make mental stress. Understand the situation and make it simple and normal situation. Whilst the ovaries not removed they may face some problems due to the less blood supply. Therefore patients have to check FSH level every 6 months. If the level is greater than 40 doctors will prescribe medicines to control.
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