Rigid Nasal Endoscopy and Microscopy to inspect the inner side of Nose and Ear

Rigid Nasal Endoscopy and Microscopy to inspect the inner side of Nose and Ear
Ear and Nose are very important in sensing sound and odor. Due to the different formation of Ear and Nose treating for its diseases are also different. A special field named as ENT also available in the medical field because of this difference. The technology we are going to describe here, helps to ENT surgeons very much on their day today inspections and surgeries.

Some people suffer with nasal diseases such as influenza, catarrh, growth, runny nose, tumors, cancers and problems of adenoid gland. Treatment for the inner nose and ear is very difficult, because these areas are unseen. Endoscopy technology has come to overcome this. Using the Rigid Nasal Endoscopy, a surgeon can inspect the inner sides of the ear and nose very clearly.

Using the RNE technology, not for the doctor but also the patient can see their inner ear or nose with standing monitors connected to this RNE. This is more accurate comparing with the old method of seeing it by naked eye. End of the RNE unit is a stick with micro camera. This tip is inserted to the ear or nose. If the doctor need a sample of the abnormal formation, it also done by the RNE. The other benefit is some sort of simple surgeries can be done with this equipment such as applying Silver nitrate to a place where bleeding.

Microscope technology is combined with the RNE to get a zoom view. Doctor can identify the abnormality clearly and measure it. Some times children may insert small objects such as buttons, piece of cloths themselves to nose or ear. This RNE and microscopy will help in this situations to remove it without going to a surgical theater. In normal surgeries while taking out of some objects such as small beetles, ants, the drum can be damaged. RNE technology has a safety to avoid such damages and remove those objects. If there is a dirty place inside the ear or nose, doctor can clear it using this equipment.
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